“You need to get yourself a hobby”

We’ve probably said it to ourselves or even heard it from someone else, maybe even our doctor. Well, model building is a great way to get started on keeping that resolution!

Be it in plastic, wood or even combined materials including metal and cloth, we at JOHN’S offer a wide array of kits from the basic beginner snap models right up to the most exacting museum like quality kits. You can explore the history of automobiles, aircraft, ships, submarines and even locomotives through the enjoyable pass time of model building. Whether you are looking for a static display model or want something that will function when it is done, you sure won’t be disappointed by our selection. Nuts and bolts construction to tweezers only detail – we’ve got the expertise to make it a reality. Check out some of the famous brands that we carry – Revell, Tamiya, Dragon, Airfix, Heller, Mantua, Meccano and this is just to name a few!

Detail parts, diorama accessories, adhesive and finishing materials are all on hand to help make your project the success you want it to be!

Please contact us, or visit us in store to see our full selection.

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